Letter to the Editor: Sunrises Over High-Rises

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One of the reasons that I decided to run for Newport Beach City Council in District 4 was because I was very concerned with the actions of the current City Council and particularly my opponent in District 4, Kevin Muldoon.

I am afraid that Kevin, along with incumbents Scott Peotter and Duffy Duffield, are steering the city in an urban city direction instead of keeping us a town of villages.

One only has to look at Kevin’s disastrous Museum House fiasco vote, Kevin’s Yes vote on Measure Y four years ago, the fact that a local PAC has committed $50,000 to re-elect Kevin Muldoon along with Duffield an Peotter, and they are a “high density, over entitled general plan development” PAC, and his letter as Mayor of Newport Beach to the City of Irvine supporting Irvine’s effort to lure Amazon.

Was Kevin not thinking of the residents that he is supposed to serve, as Amazon coming to Irvine would have been disaster for our city with unmitigated growth and an expanded John Wayne Airport.

I have raised a family in Newport Beach over the past 37 years and have been active in the community, having served on several commissions and boards, so I have a genuine feel for what the fabric of Newport Beach means to residents.

I feel that Kevin, who has only lived in Newport Beach for seven years, has not been involved, as far as I know, in most anything else besides his city council function.

Residents of Newport Beach cannot continue to have the Team Newport incumbents vote as a block and have Newport Beach start to look like Jamboree Road in Irvine. Please vote for Joy Brenner, Tim Stoaks, and me on November 6th.


Roy Englebrecht

Newport Beach District 4 Council Candidate

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