Letter to the Editor: Council Members Cannot Be Trusted

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Several weeks ago, I wrote about the failure of Scott Peotter and Duffy Duffield to directly answer questions regarding their employment relationship. Now it is confirmed that Duffield paid Peotter to lobby to help get Duffield’s Adelanto facility entitled for commercial marijuana cultivation. Now we know why they worked so hard to keep it a secret.

They claim to be fiscal conservatives, but the City’s operating budget is up $56 million since they took office. Duffield proposed millions for a fire boat and millions more to operate it, and both of them supported the misguided “Port Plan” the Coastal Commission considered laughable. Peotter even proposed spending $200,000 to make himself look better on cable TV.

While spending millions on the harbor, Duffield and Peotter supported budget cuts that would have reduced public safety by up to fifteen cops or firefighters.

Both Peotter and Duffield have falsely claimed to be endorsed by Newport Beach Firefighters. They were not. Together, they sought to undermine the people’s right to petition on the Museum House. Having a convicted felon who defrauded the city of Newport Beach itself host a fundraiser is a new low for Scott Peotter. Their treatment of our outstanding former City Manager Dave Kiff was shameful and disgraceful.

They have sponsored a cynical charter amendment to look like they support voter input on debt, but at the same meeting they voted to impose taxes of up to $4,500 per year on new homeowners and to authorize $8 million in bonds without an election.

They simply cannot be trusted.

Their opponents, Joy Brenner and Tim Stoaks, are candidates steeped in the community who reflect our values. They will restore honesty and transparency to city hall and will treat the public with respect. I urge you to vote for them.


Mike Henn

Former Newport Beach Mayor

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