Letter to the Editor: Support for Joy Brenner

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One of the more sensitive jobs of a council member is negotiating labor agreements with city staff. The unions’ role is to push for as much as they can get. The council’s role is to provide compensation packages that insure we attract and retain the best people and at the same time keep in mind the long-term financial health of the city which  can mean saying no to some requests.

In her tenure, Joy Brenner has done a good job of finding this balance. For example, she has called for new police hires to provide better coverage in the city, but she has been firm in rejecting some union demands that she felt were both unnecessary and not fiscally responsible.

In other words, she has said no to some labor requests in order to protect the city’s taxpayers. Supporting  the safety of our city while keeping  a firm hand on financial controls–this is just one of the reasons I am supporting her reelection.

Nancy Gardner / Former Newport Beach Council Member and Mayor

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