Letter to the Editor: Taxpayers Have a Clear Choice for City Council

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I like good political debate.  Lately retired schoolteacher Lynn Lorenz has been a busy beaver shilling for her fellow retired schoolteacher Jeff Herdman.

Herdman is facing a stiff challenge from local restaurant entrepreneur Noah Blom.

Lorenz naturally favors her colleague.

Both received a guaranteed paycheck every two weeks and retirement from taxpayers.

According to Transparent California, Herdman receives his $111,000 per year retirement for nearly 38 years in the classroom.  Since he retired in 2005 over $1.5 million has automatically landed in his bank account.

I bring this up to draw the difference between Blom and Herdman.

I want my councilmembers to understand the fundamental difference between entrepreneurs that create jobs and making a payroll versus someone with a guaranteed paycheck and retirement.

Entrepreneurs like Blom wake up every morning trying to figure out how to do less with more, pay the employees, taxes and maybe squeeze out a little for his family.  If he’s really good at it he might be able to earn enough to have a 401K plan.

Even in COVID times Blom has managed to safely keep his restaurants open and pay his employees. That’s impressive!

I want someone that signs the front of a paycheck watching my tax dollars. Thank you Noah Blom for running. You give taxpayers a clear choice.

Bob McCaffrey / Balboa Island


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