Letter to the Editor: Weird, Sexist and Incoherent Rant

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There is really nothing that a rational person can say about Team Newport surrogate Bob McCaffrey’s weird, sexist and incoherent rant (NB Indy Forum, Aug. 24).

Notice that he doesn’t even attempt to defend the indefensible records of Mr. Peotter and Mr. Duffield. As a mouthpiece for his candidates, he just calls people names.

Instead of hurling childish insults, what we should be discussing is the tax increase passed by Mr. Peotter and Mr. Duffield of up to $4,500 per year for 30 years on Uptown Newport residents to relieve their developer donor from his obligation to make his required public improvements.

We should be debating the sham ballot measure sponsored by Mr. Peotter and Mr. Duffield to evade our campaign contribution requirements. Passage of this measure will make it harder to fund needed capital improvements such as raising the sea wall on Balboa Island.

Last summer’s refusal to accept $485,000 in state funding to improve traffic and roads in Newport Beach just to make a political point is a legitimate difference between Mr. Peotter and Mr. Duffield and their opponents Joy Brenner and Tim Stoaks. Both men were willing to put their political ideology ahead of the best interests of Newport residents.

I’m still waiting for Bob McCaffrey to defend the conflict of interest charges against Mr. Duffield. Months have gone by and Mr. Duffield has not said a single word in defense of his actions. Can you defend that, Bob?

Can you defend the outlandish decision by Mr. Peotter to vote against the city Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy? Maybe some things are just too repugnant to defend.

It is clearly time for a change in Newport Beach. It’s time for Scott Peotter and Marshall Duffield to go.


Susan Skinner

Newport Beach

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