Letter to the Editor: Welcome to the Politics of the Past Decade

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Welcome to politics of the Trump Era. Bravura and dissension on all fronts.

I grew up in the 60s and 70s so I get it. My heroes however, were those who championed for the little guy, the forgotten, the helpless and those who faced discrimination.

Many in my generation elected to go into professions that would serve others. We looked up to leaders who inspired love of country as well as compassion for the less fortunate in the world, just because we had it so good.

We did not try to use others for our own gain. Much has changed in the world since the 70s and we have as many needy citizens in our country as in other large countries.

We have a terrible pandemic, economic disaster and a paucity of leaders who are focused on a national and global rebirth that does not only bring back our economy but provides moral and ethical leadership that we can look up to, that reminds us that we are part of a larger picture, not just an island onto ourselves.

Since I have retired, I have had the opportunity to focus on local leadership as well as that of the state and national levels which have always interested me. For the most part, what I have seen of local leadership over the past six or seven years has been very disappointing. There is a selfish and “me first” attitude that seems to prevail in the city and county. There is no expressed concern about those who are not only homeless but helpless. It did not seem a priority before the pandemic.

There is the call by citizens to refuse to perform  the simple gesture of wearing a mask, to help others who are more vulnerable. And there are government officials on all levels, who encourage this independent but selfish act.

We, with some exceptions at the local level, are not attracting the type of leaders who believe in serving their constituents. They have fixed ideologies that they bring to city government. They focus only on the issues of the city’s prosperity, at the detriment of others such as the homeless, the helpless, traffic issues, zoning issues, etc.

How do we attract the right type of leaders? First, we break up the slate candidates.

Second and most importantly right now, we institute a vetting process for those who want to run for public office. It is too late for those who are already in office. But if we had a vetting process in place, we would not have all the problems we have now–the rumors of candidates and officials who by their personal and public actions, display behavior or personal qualities that should prevent them from running for public office.

We cannot elect leaders on the cult of personality about whom we know very little. That would solve one problem. But sometimes when you solve one problem, the others fall in line.

Lynn Lorenz / Newport Beach

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