Local Doctor Launches Women’s Health Startup

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A local doctor recently launched a women’s health startup that focuses on menopause.
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Newport Beach-based Dr. Leslie Meserve recently launched a startup, CurieMD, which aims to fill “a crucial gap in women’s health.”

CurieMD is a “telemedicine” platform specifically for menopause treatment, consultation and education, according to a Jan. 22 press release.

Meserve, a local resident and a nationally-recognized women’s health expert, came up with the idea after seeing her own mother struggle to find a doctor qualified to treat menopause.

“Watching my own mother struggle to find a physician who was able to help with the symptoms and effects of menopause exposed a disappointing gap in healthcare — and one we now have the tools and knowledge to fix,” Meserve said in a prepared statement.

Many of the 50 million menopausal women in the U.S. face barriers to treatment, according to Meserve. These include misinformation, stigma, and a national shortage of physicians trained in midlife women’s health. It’s also due to the traditional belief that menopause is something to be endured, she added.

As a result, three in four women who seek help for menopausal symptoms don’t receive treatment.

With this in mind, Meserve built CurieMD to provide women with “unparalleled access to game changing care and therapies – without having to leave their homes.”

The aim is to combine expertise and technology to provide care with both immediate and long-term implications.

An estimated 42% of women never discuss their menopausal symptoms with their primary care physician. Roughly three in four women who seek help for menopausal symptoms don’t receive treatment, according to Meserve.

However, with new understanding of hormonal changes due to aging, as well as the availability of modern technologies, this no longer has to be the case.

CurieMD is a “telemedicine” platform for women’s midlife health that offers expert consultation for managing menopausal symptoms, and provides home delivery for plant-based, FDA-approved menopause hormone replacement therapies.

“CurieMD’s mission is to change the narrative around menopause and empower women in midlife to take charge of their health and vitality,” the message reads.

For more information, visit curiemd.com.

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