Mailbag: Response to Jean Ardell’s “Freedom from Religion” column

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I love it when liberals twist the meaning of issues like Religious Freedom as intended by our founders, to comport with their bizarre understanding of equality and freedom.

Yes, religious freedom means that a privately owed company can adhere to its religious beliefs without government interference or hindrance.

And yes, “choice” means that an employee does not have to work for a company that believes in what it holds to be part of their faith.

Ms Ardell adeptly states that we all have the right to worship what or who we want. She fails to add that we also have the right to work where and for whom we choose.

Hobby Lobby has espoused their religious beliefs from the inception of the company; all are well aware of who they are. To label it discrimination that Hobby Lobby doesn’t provide contraception to its employees is without merit. It wasn’t discrimination before Obamacare. The real discrimination came in the middle of the night when the liberals passed it, didn’t read it and received not one vote from the Republicans.

Did they really think Hobby Lobby was going to provide coverage against their known religious beliefs?

Ms. Ardell wants to add yet another law (government intrusion) to force the owners of a private company who support abstinence before marriage and oppose abortion to provide contraception including the plan B contraceptive for its employees.

Her comment on the abortion issue at Hoag is another cream puff to devour.

Liberals fly their choice banner, “It’s my body, my right to choose.” The irony of that failed mantra is they want the taxpayers to pay for their choice. Last year Planned Parenthood (what a great name for an abortion mill) received 360 million dollars of our tax money. I don’t remember having a “choice” or “freedom” to say no thank you.

It’s worth noting how liberals always want more things but the only way they can get them is to pass laws and have the taxpayers foot the bill. They are incapable of persuading anyone in the public arena on their leftist agenda so they claim discrimination, injustice and even racism.

As Dennis Prager, once a liberal, stated “Liberalism is now a religion.” It’s a mind set of “me and more for me.”

I suggest a Freedom from Liberalism law may be needed.

Bill Dunlap

Newport Beach

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