Mailbag: Talking Trash

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Newport Beach is unique.

We have seven villages and a Newport Coast. We have the most prestigious Golf Club in America. We have beaches, harbors, parks, and now we even have a hugely overpriced Civic Center.

We have a grand variety of celebrities that include Kobe Bryant and Bob Costas. We are named as an end destination for every conceivable major event, including the Susan G. run and the Toshiba Golf Tournament. We have the famous Balboa Bay Club and many, many more historical Yacht Clubs. We have a variety of restaurants and hotels, either on the water or with ocean views. We even have a now famous Balboa Island Parade.

We have the annual Boat Parade at Christmas and on the 4th of July. We have an annual Yacht race to Cabo. We even have some very expensive motorcar dealers that rank in the top 10 in the United States and perhaps the world.

Having said that: We have a great Fire Dept., and great NBPD (in spite of all the accusations), and we have the best trash collection system in California. Do we separate our trash? Do we put bottles in one barrel, plastic in another, paper in another and waste products like transmission oil or furniture in another?

NO…..we don’t. We are unique aren’t we? One size does not fit all areas of our city. Some areas are planned, new, mega-mansions – some are one bedroom apartments over a garage! Some areas are gated, some are open unlocked trash cans and bins available to anyone that wants to look into them or take whatever they want for recycling.

The City staff of Newport Beach has established an 85 page report, telling of the great things that the low cost bidder CC&R will bring to Newport Trash Collection. On the face of it…..we can easily point out – these things are neither written in stone – ad infinitum, nor can anyone be sure that the projected saving will ever be provided in five years, seven years or by the time that our new Civic Center is paid off.

This is an outrage of monumental proportions for simply one reason: the inconvenience factor!

Mother Winship passed away back in March of 1977 after having lived in Cameo Shores since 1959. She was a good friend of the Maloof’s who lived two streets down on the water’s edge. Pass this and she will surely be rolling over in her grave.

You want recycling? Require that all bottles and cans go in one bag. Our guess is that your code enforcement people will be busy for about 20 years. This is Newport Beach – and unique! We don’t care whether we are the last city in Orange County to have hand collection or the last city in the United States. This is a ridiculous attempt to simply take the money out of the parking meters again and put it into a store room at city hall. You want the money in the fund that is identified for new trash trucks? Go ahead take it and then you can borrow on bonds like you did for the Civic Center for new trash trucks – “when you need them!”

This cannot be a simple matter of another “four vote outrage” again.  Even if it was six votes to one, this issue needs a public vote of the people. Those that believe that “THE FOUR” can change our lives forever because of payoffs or stupidity is not acceptable. If you have courage you will do the right thing and not drain this swamp without sending down divers first.

Yes, you need to move the Ronald Reagan statue to the Civic Center. You can put up Bunnies, but you can’t put the John Wayne or Ronald Reagan statues there?

NO, you don’t need to change our trash system without a vote of the people….plain and simple! Where is your courage to do the right thing rather than following the imprudent direction of a City Manager who has lost his sensitive touch to the public good?

Ron & Anna Winship

Corona del Mar


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