Moment for Health: Healthy Living

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I’ve been listening to a wonderful free symposium called The Food Revolution Summit (check out that has a handful of wonderful speakers that include Paul McCartney, Tony Robbins, Dr. Neal Bernard and others. It’s so exciting to hear well known professionals give incredible information about all aspects of food from the challenges we face with GMOs, the ongoing fight for fair labor, eating the right foods and many other topics.

Even if you feel you know what good eating and healthy living entails, there is so much more behind the food and health movement than meets the eye.

The Food Revolution Network was founded by John Robbins and his son Ocean. John was heir to the Baskin-Robbins empire but left it all behind knowing he could not devote his life to selling ice cream and making people unhealthy.

He wrote “Diet for a New America” that has sold millions of copy and received dozens of awards for his work on behalf of healthy people and a healthy planet. Ocean is just as devoted engaging kids in environmental issues, and has received numerous awards that include the national Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service.

When someone is finally ready to take the road to better health, it takes courage, will-power and information to make it succeed. Collaborating with like-minded individuals and learning all the facts helps keep the beat with good health.

Some of the information from the previous speakers gave me some new insight. I learned about Dr. Michael Greger’s website ( devoted to gathering the world’s nutrition research with videos and articles filled with outstanding health topics.

We live in an area where health opportunity exists everywhere. I recently was invited to partake in Andrew Weil’s True Food’s Wellness Wednesdays free yoga class that happens twice a month; the next ones take place May 13 and May 27.

Instructors Michelle Ballon and Casey Serra gave a lovely class that a beginner like me felt comfortable working my body into what I felt was a semi-pretzel. It’s a challenge for me for sure, but I know it’s a first step and with perseverance I will have incorporated another form of health into my life.

So much of the future rides in learning about being healthy and understanding there is nobody else out there who is going to take better care of you, than you.

Do we really need to be aware and upset about GMOs in our food? Yes. Is food a precursor to health? Yes.

Take the plunge into learning more about what it takes to be healthy, and find a network of individuals who are already doing what you wish to do: to be in better health. Make the change and feel the difference.

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