Musings on Fire Rings and Smoke

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Having lived near the harbor and spent most of my working and spare time on the water, I have a lifetime of precious memories.

My Mom and Dad met in high school and spent the majority of their spare time sailing and boating in and out of the harbor. We were raised boating, raised our kids boating, and now take our grandson boating as much as possible.

We’ve been truly blessed to participate in this special lifestyle in our unique to the world waterway.

All of the above thoughts came about thinking of the possible removable of our ocean front fire rings. Yes, we also have fond memories of using them from a young age through adulthood with family and friends. The thought of not sharing this unique outing with the next generation greatly saddens us.

In this overbearing modern day life of political correctness gone wild it is quite disturbing. When we were growing up the “majority rules” was not a past slogan. It seems now a few can dictate for the majority. It seems elitist to me.

Our harbor turning basin area is where the designated boat anchorage is located. One can anchor for up to two weeks. Many of us who only have a half day or less will anchor, relax, observe the adjacent activity and watch the world go by.

A majority of the boats barbeque their afternoon and evening meals. Is this the next P.C. event to be eliminated? Once a local elitist complains to the A.Q.M.D. I’m sure they would love to take up the cause. How obnoxious and sad!

My next thoughts were retribution. Since the Corona del Mar residents desire clean air, let’s give them a chance to put their money where their mouth is.

Los Angeles Harbor has a unique clean air program they fund due to the accidental commercial vessel air contamination associated with the commercial and industrial businesses. They pay seventy-five percent of replacing a two cycle outboard boat engine with a cleaner burning four cycle engine not to exceed $2,000.00.

This sounds good to me. I have a two cycle outboard on my 17-foot classic Glaspar. I’d like to exchange it for a cleaner burning four cycle.

As everyone on the bluff above Big Corona State Beach is rich, I’d like to extend the fees to $10,000.00. Let’s all remember that in this town only a few are able to change everyone else’s recreational uses.

I think that covers me! A new one hundred horsepower four cycle Yamaha is just about $10,000.00. I’ll pick one out this week and send the bill to the council. This is just in time for the season. Thanks a lot Ocean Boulevard residents. I couldn’t be happier. I’ll smile and wave when I scoot by on my way to Emerald Bay Cove in North Laguna.

When I put a shrimp in the barbi my smoke will be held harmless as the landside residents are a private community.

 Sea Ya,

Skipper Steve

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  1. Your so right Steve, this is about a few not the majority, and its really about the “undesirable visitors” parking in the Big Corona/China Cove residential area. Even the CDM environmental “Quality of Life” Surfrider Matriarch council person Nancy Gardner, whom is suspected of guiding this nasty operation with her CDM constituents is being very tight lipped when asked anything about this.
    We need to stop these self-serving ignorant few from reaching out and doing whatever they feel is wrong for the rest of us.
    These folks bought/built homes here and under law had to be given full disclosure from sellers and their reality agents, right? Not one single person can prove they contracted an illness singly from the fire rings. Maybe its a bother at times, we understand that, but its not some sickness path to Hoag Hospital! This is so out-of-bounds and an abuse of power by Council. Staff and SCAQMD. Some folks don’t really care about the fire rings, but do worry about “What will they do next”.