NB Resident Gets Naked for Charity

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Newport Beach resident Christopher  Gialanella is getting stark naked in public – but it’s for a good cause.

Gialanella, publisher of Riviera Magazine, is one of six local residents who volunteered to transform their bodies over a six month period by working out at Stark Training in Irvine, and then getting naked – well, nearly naked – to be photographed for an online contest where the public can vote for their favorite bodies. The person with the most votes gets to donate $500 to the charity of their choice, courtesy of Stark.

As of press time, Gialanella was the leading vote getter. His charity of choice is Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation.

“I wanted to show the public that ordinary people can train and eat and live like body builders,” said Gialanella, who is in his 40s. “I avoid anything white – bread, pasta, rice. I stick to protein, and I can have a glass of wine. When I started the training, I was at 22 percent body fat. I’m now at 6 percent.”

Gialanella said he works out three days a week for an hour a day, but that 70 percent of his success comes from proper diet.

The biggest change, he said, was going from a size 32 to size 29 waist.

“All my suits don’t fit me now,” he said with a laugh.

To vote in the Stark Naked competition, visit Facebook.com/starktraining.

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