Newport’s Monday Night Field of Dreams

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On the field of dreams at Bonita Creek Park. Photos by Hallie Mitchell

For some sports addicts it’s not sitting on the couch watching Monday Night Football, it is all about going out and playing Monday night baseball.

Once a week, men coming running from their corporate offices, picking up their daughters from ballet class, ignoring the honey-do lists, and grabbing a glove to head out and play America’s oldest pasttime in the Newport Beach City League Baseball.

Bonita Creek Park is the Field of Dreams for teams with names such as the Lollygaggers and No Class. With an official umpire to ref the game, these teams battle it out, becoming for a night the next Jared Weaver or Andre Ethier.

“Most of us played baseball through high school,” said Ben Flores, who has been playing for the Lollygaggers for three years, “so it’s fun to be able to come out here and compete.”

Running bases, cracking big hits and chasing down long fly balls are all part of the big night – the best night of the week – Monday Night Baseball.


The Monday night teams take the field under the lights at Bonita Creek Park.
A good pickup on a sharp grounder.
Out at first on a bang-bang play!
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