Newport Author Waits to Activate OC Readers

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Newport Beach resident and author Nanda Fischer has made it impossible for us to make excuses for not being more active outdoors.

Her new book “Active in Orange County: A Guide to Physical Activity and Exercise in Nature,” is an easy-to-use guide as pertinent to an OC native as to a tourist visiting the area for the first time.

Fischer has done all of the planning for us, all the reader needs to do is pick one of the trips in the book, fill the water bottle, and get going.

Fischer and co-author Jutta Gamboa of Irvine have made the guide very easy to use.  The book is divided into two main parts: Costal Areas and Inland Areas. Brief yet detailed descriptions of actual trips; such as biking or hiking to snorkling and kayaking, include important information such as where to park or modifications depending on your fitness level.

Also included is interesting information such as when the wildflowers typically bloom at Crystal Cove or where to get kayaking, canoeing, and rowing instruction. In addition, some cultural attractions in the area are added, making it easy to plan an extension of your outing.

The color photographs, maps that pinpoint areas of interest, and a rating system (superb, very good, good, average, fair, and not recommended) give the reader everything they would need to know to plan a fun and successful outdoor adventure.

Fischer, who holds a Ph.D. in sports science and is currently an internationally top-ranked senior tennis player, is familiar with every site listed in the book. The descriptions of the places and activities included come from first-hand experiences and knowledge. Fischer has personally enjoyed hiking, biking, running, kayaking, walking in the areas she writes about.

Fischer makes a promise to her readers: “Life gets richer, if you get involved the way we suggest in our book.”

As a cancer survivor, Fischer has a special message to anyone battling cancer: “Be active outdoors. It brings back the joy of life and makes you forget your sorrows.”

If you are a beginner and intimidated a bit at the thought of being adventurous outdoors, Fischer suggests taking a buddy and starting with short and easy adventures such as walking and biking.

“Active in Orange County” is a new must-have for all Newport Beach bookshelves.

You can purchase a copy of “Active in Orange County” at Barnes & Noble’s, Borders and independent bookstores in the area. Or directly on line at


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