Newport Beach City Council – Get On With Business

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To continue our conversation, I agree with Mr. Moore (INBOX Jan. 16) that it’s ridiculous for citizens of Newport Beach to be spending so much time and mental energy on rabbit statues at our new Civic Center.

However, I don’t see any evidence that the many Letters to the Editor supporting the rabbits were motivated by “shifting blame,” and I would remind him that it was one of his cherished Team Newport members who felt it was his prerogative to announce to the world that he would take it upon himself to get rid of the statues.

Furthermore, this member did not win his election “so decisively,” he won 51 percent of the votes, most of which did not come from voters living in Corona del Mar.

Finally, what evidence does Mr. Moore have that the “real ethical…accountability” of our Newport Beach City Council will now be newly enhanced?

Can he provide us clear-cut examples of ethical misbehavior by specific members of the preceding Newport Beach City Council? Let’s end the slander and get on with the business of local government.

Robert R. Young

Corona del Mar

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  1. You mean – get on with the whitewash? From my perspective I have yet to see a thorough investigation following the construction money …. paying twice the going rate has an air of fraud or malfeasance in my book.

  2. Good point Willem but Team Newport backed off from an audit. The Council normally sets priorities at its annual meeting in January but Team Newport placed itself on “time out.” The Team Newport campaign agenda is circling the drain.

  3. @ Mr. Young – per your request: “The City Council violated its own municipal code by entertaining Henn’s appeal even though he didn’t follow the procedures laid out in the code, and then retroactively tried to justify that violation by claiming the city has a custom of extending such lenity to council members,” Judge P.J. Bedsworth wrote in the decision.

    “The court also said that because Henn had already voiced his “strong opposition” to Woody’s application, he should not have been able to participate in the City Council discussion that led the body to reverse the Planning Commission on a 4-1 vote.

    “A person cannot be a judge in his or her own cause,” Bedsworth wrote. “Henn … did his best to convince his colleagues to vote with him against the application.”

    Speaking of circling the drain…..