Will Newport Beach City Council Sweep With New Broom?

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It is always a joy to observe the new Newport Beach City Council Members as they take office and embark on their various concepts of Public Service.

We have always gone on the assumption that a new broom sweeps clean the remnants of bad government. However, as Ross Perot once said: “The devil is in the details!”

We bring to your attention the concept of opening up the fire rings to the burning of wood, for example. This new ordinance we hope restricts painted wood or wood that has been treated to be fire resistant – which creates a toxic creosote which may be harmful to the lungs, eyes and throat.

Once you say fire around a crowded fire ring anything might wind up in the fire rings including clothing, plastic items and other things. Hopefully, our code enforcement folks will be there 24/7 making sure nothing toxic is being burned. Additionally, on shore winds will be noted, so as not to endanger residents living within smoke range.

Second, we bring to your attention the concept of Bunny Banishment. Surely, the Bunnies should at least have the opportunity of being painted in rainbow colors, covered with childlike graffiti or given the chance to be purchased on E-Bay before they are unceremoniously removed from the Civic Center? We have always supported moving the Ronald Reagan Statue from Bonita Sports Park to the Civic Center Grounds….right in the middle. And what about the John Wayne Statue in Burbank, shouldn’t that one be placed in the center of the Bunny Circle……just like Stonehenge in England?

We thought that the new Newport Beach City Council Majority was going to make monumental changes that would immediately affect the cost of government, like leasing out half of the Hall/Civic Center to private Industry and downsizing city government in general.

We thought that the cost of government, taxes and such was going to go down and be really noticeable – like rejecting totally the new Dock Tax Schedule.

Sadly, we are only excited that our wonderful NB Police Chief Jay has been exonerated and that many of our deserving NBPD have been given their rightful upgrades and raises. What about our fire guys too? They are certainly most deserving in that regard as well.

So, we continue to look forward to the new broom that seems to be sweeping through City Hall. We were amazed the Councilman Ed Selich voted for the wood burning fire rings without restrictions. Was the NB Fire Dept. consulted on this matter, prior to the vote? Just asking!

OK then, we hope our new Newport Beach City Council members start to get the idea about Community Service, Public Service, Bureaucracy and Civil Servants in a quick ramp up of self-education. Service to the community in our opinion includes ALL the people and what is best for ALL the people – not just a chosen few from any particular group or power structure.

Keep up the good work and keep growing and learning every day,

Ron & Anna Winship

Corona del Mar

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