Newport Beach Hero Supports Beach City Artists

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Artist Clara Berta in her studio.

Laguna Beach fine artist Jorg Dubin wrote a letter to the Laguna Beach Independent titled “Save Our Laguna Beach Artists.” Jorg defined the Laguna creative community as artists, craftspeople, musicians, writers and performers. Jorg said creativity is “A natural resource that has been woven into the fabric of Laguna. It’s a resource that is so important to this community and without it we would be just another beach town.”

Newport Beach and Laguna Beach have plenty in common. Amazing homes, breathtaking landscapes, eclectic cuisine, unique shopping, distinct neighborhoods. Newport Beach has a phenomenal yachting community. If we add board shapers and the boat craft industry, the cities are more alike than not. And Newport loves art!

If you know a working artist, you know their plight. Lack of affordable living, nowhere to create, and City Council needs to care about art as a business.

In 2023, I lost my husband, the love of my life. I have been a successful Southern California contemporary fine artist doing large format pieces in vibrant color of Fluid Multilayered Abstraction for three decades. I realized that I needed to move where my painting and life could thrive.

On March 1, I moved to Laguna Beach. I have found a creative art spirit here, but my challenge is business growth. To apply for the Laguna Festival of Art. I need to wait for the 2026 season. Not exactly an option for someone highly motivated about growing their creative business.

It suddenly struck me that my art hero was only 12 miles north in Newport Beach. I have known successful fine artist Georgeana Ireland for a few years. Georgeana was an artist in the Fingerhut Gallery in Laguna Beach on PCH until the gallery closed nine years ago. At that moment, Georgeana decided to go into the gallery business and help artists.

Georgeana opened Ethos Contemporary Art Gallery at 3405 Newport Blvd. in Newport Beach. She is now a leader in marketing and selling fine art. When COVID came, Georgeana went digital, and then became global. She inspires all artists to embrace the Internet.

If you support creativity and spiritual inspiration, Georgeana also shows my artwork at St. James Episcopal Church at 3209 Via Lido in Newport Beach.

You can see my work here:

Thank you for a warm welcome Newport Beach. I am home.

Hugs, Clara Berta

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  1. Newport Beach and its busineses providing a leadership path for artists is positive and hopeful for all creatives. Clara taking Ethos’s lead in marketing on the web and creatively showing work is about embracing the change in the US since COVID. NPB is full of thought leadership. Bravo to Christopher Trela for showing us Clara’s art, and thank you Firebrand Media for supporting our region.