Newport Chamber CEO Announces an Increase in Coronavirus Statistics

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Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Steve Rosansky in a video announcing an increase in Coronavirus statistics.

On Tuesday, July 6, Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Steve Rosansky released a video announcement to Chamber members and other businesses and community members detailing a recent increase in coronavirus statistics.

“It has been a month since Memorial Day and three weeks since what I call Liberation Day—the day the California Department of Public Health lifted the mask, physical distancing and occupancy restrictions limiting businesses and individuals in their daily lives,” said Rosansky in the video.

“The most recent coronavirus numbers are out and as expected, we are starting to see an upturn in Covid-19 cases here in Orange County,” continued Rosansky. “The overall rates remain exceedingly low, but the seven day average case rate has doubled since memorial day from 26 to 55 as of June 27. We have also seen the case rate per 100,000, the positivity percentage and the health equity metric all double since early June.”

Rosansky said that based on these new statistics, Orange County should see even higher numbers in the coming weeks.

“Over the last several months we have succeeded in beating down the disease here in Orange County through high rates of vaccination among the most vulnerable populations,” said Rosansky. “But with the spread of the new variants of the disease and our restored freedom to socialize at will, unvaccinated individuals will be at an increased risk of contracting coronavirus. Even vaccinate individuals are not at zero risk.”

Rosansky suggested that “we should all try to be circumspect in our activities to avoid a return to the shutdowns and other restrictions that could be reimposed if the upward trend continues, especially when kids start to return to school in late August and September.”

Rosansky concluded the video message by stating “get vaccinated and be safe.”

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