Newport-Mesa USD Provides Safer Foods to Students

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eatSafe cleans produce and vegetables at Newport-Mesa schools — Photo courtesy of eatSafe ©
eatSafe cleans produce and vegetables at Newport-Mesa schools
— Photo courtesy of eatSafe ©

Five years ago, an OC-based company called Grow Green Industries, Inc, introduced a line of fruit and vegetable wash and wipes called Eat Cleaner that removes pesticides, waxes and surface debris that can carry bacteria from commercially and organically grown produce. It also removes surface debris that can carry bacteria from seafood and poultry.

Eat Cleaner was the first all-natural, odorless and tasteless, lab tested food wash, and it made a big impact on the consumer market.

“By the time it reaches our plates, most food has traveled around 1,500 miles and

touched 20 sets of hands,” said Mareya Ibrahim, founder of Grow Green. “There are over 78 million reported cases of foodborne illness in the U.S. every year and an average of 30 different pesticides used on our produce. I have two young children and as a concerned mom, we created Eat Cleaner to be affordable, effective and easy-to-use. It also helps prolong the shelf life of food up to 100 percent longer, helping consumers save money, and deters browning, boosting the appetite appeal of fruit like apples and pears that tend to turn quickly once cut.”

Now, Ibrahim’s company has taken the Eat Cleaner approach to another level.

When classes started this week at all 30 schools in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, the kitchens were equipped with a new eco-solution called eatSafe, aimed at providing cleaner and safer produce to students.eatSafe Produce Wash is lab proven to remove up to 99.99 percent of harmful pathogens such as E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria, pesticide residue, and wax, while extending fruit and vegetable shelf life up to 200 percent longer. It is specifically designed for commercial and food service use.

An easy and healthy solution for grocery stores, schools and food service operations, eatSafe all-natural antimicrobial and antioxidant wash concentrate improves produce safety and freshness, requires no special handling or machinery, and is made in the U.S. with safe and organic ingredients.

Dale Ellis, RD, MBA, and Director of Nutrition Services for Newport-Mesa Unified School District, said, “We are looking forward to a new school year with ‘cleaner’ produce to offer our students. After the first use of eatSafe, I was sold on the improved appearance of certain fruit and vegetables, because as you know we eat with our eyes.”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled about the implementation of eatSafe district-wide for Newport-Mesa. As a mom, the health and well-being of kids everywhere is one of our company’s highest priorities. Children are more prone to foodborne illness, which makes cleaner produce that much more important,” said Ibrahim.

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