Newport Neighborhoods get Respite from Saturday Construction

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Cars parked on Balboa Island while a home is under construction.
— Google Maps image

A new city law that restricts construction-related noise on Saturdays in the designated high-density neighborhoods became effective Aug. 12, city officials reminded residents in an announcement last week.

The rule comes after a unanimous vote in June by the Newport Beach City Council.

Homeowners also need to display a standardized project information sign when their new construction and substantial remodels require the property to be fenced in. The sign must be two feet by three feet and in 72 point font include the property address; a contact person’s name, email, and phone number; the building permit number; and the contractor’s name and license number.

The project information sign must also include phone numbers for Newport Beach code enforcement, parking enforcement, and building inspection, plus the Community Development Department’s email address: [email protected].

City law also now requires the signs to be printed on cloth, canvas, light fabric, wallboard, or other light materials.

The high-density neighborhoods affected by these new rules are Balboa Island, Balboa Peninsula, Bay Island, Bay Shores, Collins Island, Corona Del Mar Village, Harbor Island, Linda Isle, Lido Isle, West Newport and Newport Shores.

The City Council determined in June that new construction in close proximity to other ongoing construction effects the public health, safety, and welfare by occupying on-street parking and interfering with resident’s ability to enjoy peace and quiet at home.

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