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Records Show Party Bus CdM Girl Fell From Was Operating Illegally

Charlotte Boyse, 17, a Corona del Mar High School senior fell out of a party bus on the 73 highway on her way to prom last weekend.

Boyse had apparently been standing on a seat and leaning against a window when she fell from the moving vehicle around 7:20 p.m. Saturday. She landed in the center lane of the toll road and crawled to the center divider.

She was transported to a nearby hospital and later tweeted, “There is an angel looking over me, thanking God to be alive. Thank you all for your concern.”

There were more than 50 students aboard the bus, according to reports.

Records show the company was operating illegally.

Leon Party Bus, based out of Downey, received a cease and desist order and was later denied a Transportation Charter Class B Certificate, according to the California Public Utilities Commission.

California Highway Patrol is investigating.


Newport Beach Earns Top Rating for Building Code Effectiveness

The city of Newport Beach’s Building Division received the highest rating possible from the Insurance Services Office, Inc. under its Building Code Effectiveness Program.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the best, the ISO rated the City as a “Class 1” for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

ISO considers a Class 1 grade as an exemplary commitment by an agency to building code enforcement.

“To our knowledge, ISO has only rated three other cities in the nation as a Class 1, and ISO representatives plan to come to Newport Beach in August to present their findings and rating to the City Council,” said Community Development Director Kim Brandt. “The top rating is a testament to the knowledge and diligence of our Building Division staff and the commitment to quality construction in Newport Beach.”

The ISO is an insurer-supported organization with the primary mission of providing advisory insurance underwriting and rating information to insurers.

ISO’s Building Code Effectiveness Grading program evaluates the effectiveness of local building-code enforcement to help determine how well a community’s homes and commercial structures will hold up to natural disasters, such as earthquakes.

Insurers often use the building-code evaluations when assessing risk and determining

homeowner and commercial property premiums.

These insurers may use the Building Code Effectiveness Grading Classification of 1 as a basis for credits to Newport Beach property owners. While individual insurers may use different credits or different effective dates, the ISO program will apply credits to new construction within Newport Beach that has been issued a Certificate of Occupancy in the year 2014 and forward.

“We are very proud to have earned the Class 1 designation. The Building Division staff has worked hard to provide a commitment to building code enforcement while providing an exceptional level of customer service to our community,”  Chief Building Official Seimone Jurjis added. “We look forward to our continued service to our partners in the design community and most of all, to our residents.”

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