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Complaint with FPPC Filed Against City Councilman

Robert Rush of Newport Beach has filed a complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission in Sacramento alleging that Newport Beach councilman Michael Henn placed an ad in the Daily Pilot newspaper opposing Duffy Duffield’s candidacy for city council without having printed and displayed in the ad certain disclosure/disclaimer language.

The complaint alleges that Henn violated California Ethics Laws 84305 and 84506 for not having that language, and also Code 84211 for allegedly under reporting expenditure on the ad.

According to the FPPC website, “Within 14 days of receiving your sworn complaint, we will tell you how we intend to proceed…A sworn complaint found to merit a full investigation will be assigned to the Enforcement Division staff, including an attorney, and an investigator or accounting specialist, or both. The Enforcement Division may obtain additional documents, interview witnesses, including the person alleged to have violated the Act, and issue subpoenas. Once our Enforcement Division staff has fully investigated a complaint, they may ask the Commissioners to approve a settlement agreement in which the subject of the investigation agrees to pay an administrative fine or take other remedial action. The FPPC may also close the case for lack of supporting evidence or other reasons. Alternatively, the case may be appropriate for a formal process that can result in an administrative prosecution and a hearing before an administrative law judge and possibly the full Commission. Finally, the FPPC may levy fines, dismiss the case or take other appropriate action.”


Hoag Hospital Prepared for Ebola

Hoag Hospital is prepared to protect patients and employees from the spread of infectious disease, including Ebola, according to a statement issued by Hoag.

“We have an Infection Prevention team leading our efforts, which includes education, training and drills so that our clinicians have the tools and communication systems to properly screen and isolate patients not just for Ebola, but other infectious conditions such as MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus), Avian Influenza and seasonal Influenza,” said the statement.

“Our clinicians are following, and in some cases exceeding, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and have strong infection control policies, procedures and systems in place. As recommended by the CDC, our clinicians at Hoag emergency

departments and outpatient facilities are screening all patients with flu-like symptoms for

travel history. Anyone who has traveled outside the country presenting with symptoms

consistent with any of these infectious diseases would be isolated, cared for and monitored. Hoag would also immediately notify County officials, who are coordinating a comprehensive infection prevention effort for the entire region.”

“While we work together to ensure a safe a protective environment for our patients, we also request that our patients ask their physicians about receiving an influenza vaccine this year. Influenza is a very real and present danger for Southern California and getting vaccinated is a simple step almost everyone should take to stay healthy.

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Council Candidate Recovering From Heart Surgery

City Council candidate Marshall “Duffy” Duffield is recovering well after a quadruple-bypass surgery last week and walking a mile a day, according to a statement released  Monday by his campaign team.

The five-hour surgery was done Oct. 13 at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, the press release notes.

Duffield missed one candidate forum while recovering in the hospital. He was released on Oct. 17.

He thanked everyone that has offered their support and well wishes, he said in the statement.

Duffield is vying for District 3 against incumbent Mayor Rush Hill.

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