NHHS, CdMHS Name Valedictorians

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The class of 2011 from Newport Harbor and Corona del Mar high schools will walk the aisle next week, diploma in hand. There are hundreds of graduates, but only 20 valedictorians.

Corona del Mar High School’s eight valedictorians, GPA and their college plans include: Morgan Low, 4.48, UC Berkeley; Delara Fadavi, 4.47, UC San Diego; Jason Johl, 4.47, UC Berkeley; Derek Satterfield,4.45, Middlebury College; Raku Watari,4.45, MIT; Akie Tomiyama, 4.44, Cornell; Cole Satterfield, 4.42, UC Berkeley; and Lyssa Aruda, 4.42, USC.

The CdMHS graduation event will be held on June 23 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Call 949-515-6000 for more information.

Newport Harbor High School’s 12 valedictorians and their college plans include:

Jason Cernius, Harvard; Craig McKennon, UCLA or Duke University; James Kirk, USC or NYU; Stephen Denghausen, UC Irvine; Malcolm Faigen, UC Berkeley or UCLA; Gregory Brostek, UCLA, Berkeley or Carleton College; Aaron Fleming, US Naval Academy; Abigail Michaelsen, USC or Claremont McKenna College; Rachel Brunetti, Scripps College in Claremont; Allison Krugman, UC Berkeley or Claremont McKenna College; Kieran Chung-Wolf, UCLA or UC Berkeley; and Lauren Conway, USC.

The NHHS graduation ceremony will be held on June 23 from 4 to 5 p.m. Call the NHHS ASB at 949-515-6306 for more information.

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