No More Bullet Points

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For this column I am not using bullet points. Just the sound of that word is upsetting for most of us.

Recently there have been many articles in the press reporting that gun sales are going through the roof. We have a dangerous “Catch 22.” The more guns, and the more people who buy guns, the more those who are unarmed feel the need to buy one. They want to protect themselves from those who already own guns.

There are 3 phases of life writes a wise man. The first is from zero-25 years and is referred to as the ”look at me,” period. The second, 25-50 years, is named the ”look at my children,” interval. Finally the third, 50-75 years, is called to the “look at my grandchildren,” division. There is a fourth, added by me, that is the “holy cow how did I get this &%#$& old.”

Returning to my favorite subject, many baseball fans think that third base is now the weak link in the Angel’s lineup. Not necessarily so! You still need some quick and fast little guys to get on base with walks, bunts and singles so they can score when all the big guys hit the ball hard and far.

Our new Editor, Chris Trela, will soon be writing a humorous column about Orange County. If he is agrees the two of us will enter the Orange County Press Awards as an “Ensemble.”

In a previous column I wrote about the many birds that visit our backyard feeder. One day last week we noticed a large grey-orange bird in the grass a foot away from and starring at a regulation sized baseball left by one of the visiting grandkids. A few minutes later he was sitting on the baseball. Eventually he flew away after realizing this was not an egg.  We’re sad because we needed that bird to lay a few more baseballs!

Granddaughter Brooke, now 4, was sitting in her pre-pre-school classroom. The teacher asked each child what animal they would like to be for a day. Responded Brooke, “I’d like to be a butterfly.” Why? inquired the teacher. “I want to know what it would feel like to fly,” answered Brooke.

May all of you stretch and fly safely to new heights this New Year.

Remember to be kind to everyone and particularly help those in need.  Newtown should never be forgotten.

Michael Arnold Glueck, M.D., of Newport Beach, is a multiple award-winning writer and can be reached at [email protected].

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