NutriPure Eyes Plant Deals

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Newport Beach-based NutriPure Beverages, Inc. it is actively pursuing the acquisition of at least one bottling plant for manufacturing its upcoming line of Nu2O enhanced bottled water products and other beverage products, the company said.

NutriPure has submitted a bid for a plant in the Western U.S. and is anticipating a final decision on that acquisition very soon. Simultaneously, it  entered into negotiations for the possible acquisition of an East Coast plant as well.

Both plants are fully operational and currently producing beverage lines that the company believes could be quickly expanded, and either or both of the plants would also be used for the manufacture of NutriPure’s soon-to-be-released Nu2O enhanced water products.

NutriPure CEO Kenyatto Jones stated, “It would be in the company’s best interest to own and operate its own bottling plant.¬†Making this move now will not only allow the company to immediately begin earning and building revenues on products already being manufactured at the acquired facility, but would also expedite the manufacture and launch of our Nu2O product line.”


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