OUTTA HERE: The Salton Sea

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So near, yet so other worldly—the Salton Sea and environs in Imperial County. One can do a day trip, or camp overnight to see mud pots bubbling near the Geothermal Plants. Nearby are the hundreds of beautiful birds migrating through the area. White and brown pelicans can be seen the first few months of the year.

A short drive to Main Street in Niland will take you to Salvation Mountain, the manifestation of the late Leonard Knight where “God is Love” is emblazoned across the hills. It is 50 feet high and 150 feet across, and is made of local adobe clay and donated paint. Feel free to donate your excess exterior latex paints. They have monthly group paint and pizza parties where you can join in for the fun.

Around the corner near the blue 50 gal tanks is a natural hot spring, clothing optional.  Come by for a splash and chat with many friendly people.

From the mountain go straight into Slab City (where you can see how people live off the grid), then follow the signs to the left to see East Jesus, an experimental, habitable, extensible artwork. They are so creative turning trash into treasured art pieces.

— Photos and story by Carol Lee ©

Mud Pots IMG_5431 IMG_4643sm Salvation Mountain me at Salton Sea IMG_5448


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  1. I just love the reflection of the sky, the clouds and the sun on the water as the setting sun appears to slowly hide behind the crest of the mountain top as though taking a last look, for the day, at the beauty below.

    Such a beautiful picture.