Perry Barnstorms Newport

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry addresses several hundred supporters at Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach. At right is his wife, Anita.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, fresh off a Republican presidential debate in Simi Valley Wednesday night, campaigned in Newport Beach Thursday morning, with a rally at Roger’s Gardens.

The emotional peak of the rally was OC Republican Party Chairman Emeritus Tom Fuentes, who is in the final stages of cancer, leaving his hospice bed to lead the invocation.

After the rally, Perry went across the street to Fashion Island for a private fundraising event. Here are some photos from the Roger’s Gardens rally.

Perry greets OC Republican Party Chairman Emeritus Tom Fuentes as current Chairman Scott Baugh looks on.
Perry shakes hands with supporters after his speech.
Perry autographs the homemade sign of attorney and President Obama nemesis Orly Taitz, who attended the rally.
Perry poses with a couple of youngsters as their mom takes their picture.

Photos by Roger Bloom

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