Potpourri of Glueck Shtick

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A friend of mine and her neighbors live in homes whose yards back up to the same golf course. It seems that one neighbor had a cat. A coyote that lived on the golf course ate the cat. The owner of the cat decided to take swift justice. One day my friend received a phone call informing her that a strange man was seen hiding in her front bushes at 6 a.m. He was armed with a bow and arrow. I don’t know the rest of the story but if you live on a golf course be on the lookout for an archer with a crossbow.


There have been some interesting commercials lately. Subway has announced that it is now in the catering business. The moment we have waited for is here. Who wouldn’t like to throw a giant party for all their friends and be able to boast that “Subway” is doing the catering! Who wouldn’t like a slice of that bread?


If you want a hoot watch the recently introduced Haynes commercial on television. It seems that the Haynes has discovered an innovative cure for those infuriating and irritating labels in their under shorts and shirts. They remove them. No more adjusting those labels in all those personal places.


A number of years ago the sports networks learned that if you hired women as well as male announcers you could increase the female TV viewing audience for baseball, football, golf and other sports. Now the women announcers are so “hot” the men watch the sports broadcasts – let’s face it – to ogle the women analysts as well.


The Angels need starting pitchers. How about re-signing former Angel Ervin Santana who took a short hiatus with the Kansas City Royals this year. He at least pitched 20+ games and won ten. However, according to the “baseball buzz” there is a glitch in the contract negotiations. Santana’s agent, Fidel Castro, is as hard to deal with as Newport Beach’s Scott Boras. Castro has one prickly demand which is Santana has to play winter ball in Cuba!


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