Prepare Your Palates for…A Taste of Math?

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logoLearning is always easier when there’s a healthy dose of fun added to the equation, which is why thousands of children and their families are expected to turn out for the third annual Math Fair, held at the OC Fairgrounds on Saturday, Nov. 5 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Created by the MIND Research Institute, the free Math Fair includes mathematically-themed activities, games, exhibits and performances. Math Fair visitors will experience math and problem solving in a way they never have before, from life-size, interactive educational video games to performing out a math problem onstage. With nearly every experience and exhibit, take-home materials will be provided.

This year, another event has been added: Taste of Math, a VIP/invite-only food held in the Math Fair building the night before on Friday, Nov. 4.

Several local chefs will not only delight the taste buds but help show how math is used in myriad unexpected ways as guests sip wine, nosh on appetizers and savor their way through the Math Fair.

“Taste of Math is the fundraising component which makes the huge Math Fair on Saturday free and available to thousands of

children and their families,” said Newport Beach resident Janet Ray, who is chairing the Taste of Math evening. Her husband,

Chef Zach Geerson is participating in Taste of Math
Chef Zach Geerson is participating in Taste of Math

Walkie, is on the MIND board of directors. Janet has been involved with MIND Research for the past 15 years, and Co-chaired the first annual Awards Dinner fundraiser with Marian Bergeson.

“When Matthew Peterson became the CEO, they decided to move away from the Awards Dinner concept,” explained Janet. “The Math Fair was born, and the fundraising component has taken on a whole new life by combining Math and Food. I love the idea of having this event at the site of the Math Fair where all the learning and Aha moments will take place with both the children and their parents.”

“The amount of math and science involved in all aspects of food prep and in running a restaurant business is staggering,” noted Karin Wu, Vice President of Engagement for MIND Research Institute. “Matthew wants to showcase the beauty of math in culinary arts through Chefs that handle everything from small, farm-to-table restaurants to giant corporations such as Campbell’s. A couple of our featured Chefs are actually mathematicians. We believe that an event like this will inspire the community to not only support math education but also appreciate the complexities of Culinary arts and careers beyond TV competitions.”

“There’s a ton of math in culinary arts, and not just in measurements for scaling recipes when you need smaller or larger portions, but also in the chemistry of each ingredient, ” said Chef Zach Geerson of Hotel Fullerton’s Citizen Kitchen. “We’re also problem solvers orchestrating food and beverage vendors, restaurant supplies and entertainment, staff scheduling, profit margins, and everything in between.”

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