Quick Glueck Shtick

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* Jonathan Paul Manziel (born December 6, 1992) also known by his nickname, Johnny Football, is an All American Heisman winning quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies. He’s won just about every award imaginable as only a red-shirt-freshman. In trying to figure out what makes Johnny go so well I over-heard a network announcer say Manziel’s football shoe-size was 14-15.  So his secret is that he has big wheels as in “Big wheels a rolling, rolling.”

* Laker fans grow more restless with every losing game. This is another example of team owners selecting a losing coach, Mike D’Antoni, over an available winning coach, Phil Jackson. Jackson just happens to be the most winning basketball coach of all time. Loyal fans have endured all this unnecessary drama because the son of owner Jerry Buss (what’s his name) wanted to show that his is bigger.

* Why is it that all football coaches look mean — particularly the defensive coordinators?

* The hockey lockout ended on January 5 when the owners and players agreed to a new contract. They will play a shortened season. This is not all bad news. Fewer games mean each will count more and be played with greater enthusiasm. The playoffs will be more exciting because the players are better rested and fewer stars will be hampered by injury or out altogether. Maybe the NHL should consider making this a permanent change. After all we survived the fall and early winter season quite nicely without them. An unintended positive consequence will be that Newport Beach and Orange County youth will get more ice time.

* The number one new drama on TV this year is “Elementary” which is an American interpretation of Sherlock Holmes. For many the real mystery is trying to figure out why the show has done so well considering that the main character Sherlock (played by Johnny Lee Miller) speaks faster than a tornado, mumbles softly and has a thick British accent. Imagine how high the ratings would be if the viewers had any idea of what was going on!

* Currently there is an AT&T television commercial for one of their smart phones. It features four elementary school aged children and a young adult interviewer. He asks one of the children what he can do that’s unusual. The child goes through all sorts of bizarre contortions and twisted movements. Unfortunately, these types of movements are seen in some cases of cerebral palsy and a number of serious neurological and musculoskeletal diseases. Do the marketing people really think this stuff is cute? Call them and complain but just don’t use an AT&T iPphone 5.

* There has been considerable concern about the quality of education for our youth. Under President George W. Bush we often heard the slogan ”No child left behind.”
Under Barack H. Obama this has been changed to “All children left behind.”

* Most of us have noted that time appears to move more rapidly as we grow older. Not so long ago our telephone calls back home consisted of talks about the children,
work and vacations. Now our conversations consist of comparison of the type, name, number and dosages of the 5-7 medications the average senior takes. Nothing quite
reaches the status and importance of finding and discussing a good medication for regularity.

The ornery Newport Beach curmudgeon, Dr. Mike, may be found at [email protected].

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