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The “Holocaust Survivor Cookbook” author Joanne Caras will be the feature speaker at the Chabad of Newport Beach on Oct. 18 at 7 p.m.

The book is a collection of recipes, stories and photographs from the families of holocaust survivors from the United States, Canada, South America, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, and Asia.

The inspiration for the cookbook came from Caras’ visit to the soup kitchen Camei Ha’ir in Jerusalem. Dignity is at the center of Camei Ha’ir Soup Kitchen. It is set up like a restaurant, where waiters take orders and serve meals to people at their tables. It is open to everyone, regardless of their financial situation and at the end of the meal customers themselves determine how much they can afford to pay for their meal.  After the meal, the patrons will put what they are able to into a box near the front; even if it is simply a note of thanks.

Caras was so moved by what she saw that she committed to finding a way to raise money for Carmei Ha’ir.   Caras and her family began the process of putting the “Holocaust Survivor Cookbook” together, reaching out to survivors all over the world.  Proceeds from the cookbook go directly to Carmei Ha’ir, and to date over $500,000 has been raised.

You do not have to be Jewish, just human, to honor the memories of the survivors and enjoy their delicious family recipes such as Brisket, Potato Knishes, Bubby’s Soup, Cabbage Rolls and Apple Cake.   Most importantly, purchasing a copy the “Holocaust Survivor Cookbook” helps feed the hungry.

The hope is that not only the recipes are preserved, but also the stories and memories to ensure that both will live on for generations to come.

It is written in bold in the beginning of the cookbook, “Whenever you serve a recipe from this cookbook to your family please be sure to read them the story of the Survivor that goes with the recipe.”

“To date we have raised over $500,000 in total for charities.” Joanne Caras said “Our goal is to raise millions for Carmei Ha’ir and millions more for organizations feeding the hungry all over the world. In total we would like to sell 6 million cookbooks as a tribute to the memory of those Jews who did not survive the Holocaust.”

During her talk, Caras will share how this amazing project began and will relate some of the most memorable stories from the book.  After her speech Joanne will sign copies of the cookbook for all who purchase them.


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Date: Monday, Oct. 18
7 p.m.
Chabad of Newport, 2865 East Coast Highway, in Corona del Mar
Charge for event: $18
For more info: or call 949-721-9800



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