Response to “Is Newport Beach Sustainable” Article

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Terry Watt flew down from San Francisco to lecture us on environmental idealism (“Is Newport Beach Sustainable?” June 5 issue).

Newport Beach’s Sustainable and Complete Community policy seeks to “minimize the need for residents to travel outside the community…”

I suppose the hordes of tourists who descend on Newport Beach in the summer should remain in their own communities as well.

How would that help with the “sustainability” gambit? While we’re on the subject, there is only one nation on earth categorized as “sustainable.” That would be Cuba, where a wealthy neighbor owns a 1954 Chevrolet, and has an ounce of meat per month.

Watt claims that the average American has a carbon footprint of 13 tons per year. Her own, of course, is a scant eight to nine tons (she claims).

Why doesn’t Ms. Watt videoconference with her audience, instead of burning fuel to come down here from San Francisco?

Global warming is a discredited scam. When Barack Obama, Al Gore, and Ms. Watt, by the way, begin practicing what they preach to everybody else, then maybe we’ll listen. But it won’t do a bit of good as people in the Third World, earning an average of $2 per day, continue to climb the economic ladder, easily overshadowing any gains we might make.

John Jaeger


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  1. Global warming is a reality, and it is human influenced, but we need to adapt to it (which won’t be cheap) and not use it as an excuse for totalitarian solutions.
    If you don’t think climate change is happening, tell me why we are seeing Catalina and the mountains a lot of the time in July and August nowadays, and what happened to June Gloom the last few years.