SCP Cherry Blossom Celebration Benefits Japan Relief

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The cherry blossom display at South Coast Plaza.

Spring in Japan would not be complete without the traditional Japanese custom of hanami, or flower viewing, enjoyed for just a few brief weeks when the perfect pink petal of the cherry blossoms (sakura) fill the trees and gently drop to the ground. Celebrated mostly through festive outdoor gatherings under the trees, hanami is the ultimate recognition of the delicate, changing nature of life.

Debra Gunn Downing (South Coast Plaza), Dean Corey (president and artistic director of the Philharmonic Society of Orange County) and Linda Kennedy (director of philanthropy at Soka University).

This year, the celebration took on special significance as the blossoms came to represent both the rebirth of the season, but also of a nation.  South Coast Plaza, in partnership with the Japan America Society of Southern California (JASSC), recently celebrated this special time, announcing that it is collecting donations for the 2011 Japan Relief Fund, which will directly benefit the victims of Japan’s worst natural disaster.

For more information, call (800) 782-8888.


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