SDYC Wins Youth Regatta, Gov Cup Berth

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San Diego Yacht Club (No. 6) and Annapolis Yacht Club battle it out in the 2nd Annual Youth Clinic & Regatta. SDYC took first in the event.

By Nancy Mellon

Photos by Susan Kenney

The undefeated team from SDYC will go to its third Governor’s Cup Challenge in July following a first-place finish in the second Annual Youth Clinic & Regatta last weekend at the Balboa Yacht Club.

The SDYC sailors – Nevin Snow, Jake LaDow and Jake Reynolds – have been racing together in BYC regattas since 2008, when they first entered the Gov Cup.

The second-place team was the host team from Balboa Yacht Club of Ryan Davidson, Gregg Kent and Megan Kenney.

The other Newport Harbor area team of Michael and Jimmy Madigan and Dom Re representing Newport Harbor Yacht Club, placed third.

The team from Chicago Yacht Club of Alex Curtiss, Will Holz and Connor Adams also participated in the semi-finals, placing fourth.

On Sunday, the unusual weather started during the night with a surprise rain storm, washing the boats and clearing the air.  Then the sun and wind came out in time for the racing to start on schedule. There was heavy chop and waves that kept growing as the day went on.  For the first series of races, the wind was cooperative, 13-15 knots. However when the Petit Finals and Finals began, the wind built up to 18 knots. For the final race between BYC and SDYC the wind gusts reached 22 knots and no spinnakers were allowed.

The racing culminated in an awards ceremony on the flag deck at BYC. The Nick Scandone Sportsmanship/Leadership Memorial Trophy was presented by Nick’s wife, Mary Kate Scandone, to the Annapolis Yacht Club team, as the racers that most epitomizes Nick’s memory. In 2010, the Annapolis sailors were also honored with the prestigious award.

Balboa Yacht Club’s team battles the elements as well as the competition.


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