Senator Moorlach Lacks Vision

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My name is Dr. Ari Grayson and I am running to represent the 37th State Senate District because I know that the challenges California faces require thoughtful solutions. I know that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is good for our environment, our health, our economy – and it creates good jobs. A true leader sees connections and opportunities in challenges. Unfortunately, incumbent senator John Moorlach seems incapable of making important connections.

Moorlach attacked SB 32, a bill that requires California reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Moorlach dismissed greenhouse gas emissions saying “the state’s global impact is next to nothing.” Moorlach fails to understand that the greenhouse gases produced in California affect the health of our communities before they spread around the world.

Rather than addressing the serious issue of greenhouse gas reduction, Moorlach turned to attacking the pensions of teachers, police, and firefighters. Moorlach told the OC Register that pensions contributed to State and local budget woes. But Moorlach was wrong, the real problem was an economic slowdown. Moorlach is also wrong when he proclaims that dealing with greenhouse gases will hurt our economy.

California should invest in and lead the world in the manufacture and the use of green technologies. We should be the Silicon Valley of green technologies. Green technology will strengthen our economy—it presents an opportunity for innovation and creation of new businesses and will create the good paying jobs we need to keep our economy strong.

Moorlach lacks the vision of a leader. A leader knows what they’re costing us is as important as what you’re saving us. We simply can’t afford Moorlach; he’s costing us too dearly.

Ari Grayson is running for election to the 37th Senate District, which includes Newport Beach.

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