Support for CdM High School Principal

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Everyone in the Newport-Mesa School District should be grateful that Corona del Mar High School has a principal with moral integrity and is willing to make the right decision for the students knowing that she will be opposed by some parents.

Corona del Mar is one of the best high schools in Southern California. Ninety-eight to ninety-nine percent of its students go on to college, and its sports programs have produced more C.I.F. and state championships than any other public school in Orange County.

Combining these two elements, it is arguably the very best high school in the county.

A school’s high achievements are usually the result of two important factors. By far the most important is the parenting.

Students normally need motivated parents to instill the drive to achieve. As a result of exceptional parenting, the kids at CdM are normally well behaved and high achievers. As a retired CdM H.S. teacher I know the above to be true.

The second important factor is the administration and teaching staff.

The principal is the most important person on campus, because through their actions they can motivate both the faculty and students.

Kathy Scott had the courage to make a “tough love” decision knowing it would have opposition, but in doing so taught every student an important lesson; actions have consequences, not only for yourself, but for everyone around you.

Principal Scott’s actions should be supported by everyone and should make us proud we have a leader who has the courage to base her decisions, not on fear, but on moral principles.

With this type of management Corona del Mar H.S. will remain a school of excellence.


Bill Cool

Corona del Mar

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