Some Silly Quick Glueck Shtick

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* Communication Evolution

Recently, Newport Indy cartoonist George Peters sketched a clever comment on ‘Communication Evolution.” It shows a relatively normal appearing woman texting in 2013. Next it shows the woman texting in 2025. Her mouth has now disappeared. I would like to add one more drawing (showing her texting in 2075) where the skull is smaller and the cranial vault (for the brain) is now the size of a ping-pong ball and just as hollow. The brain is becoming a vestigial organ!


* One Last Shot at Hollywood

Again I don’t want to spoil their self-aggrandizement but how many awards do you need to get for the exact same thing? Even the self-promotional Ben Affleck must think this is funny after he leaves all the post awards celebrations. At the SAG Awards he spoke of actors all over the world killing themselves every day to make good movies the audiences will enjoy. If that’s really the case how come there are still so may performers available to attend all the award shows?


*A Super Super Bowl

No one gets to ask for their money back after viewing this year’s Super bowl XLVII.  Jacoby Jones set a NFL record with a 108-yard kick-off-return. Hypothetically there was also a record set for the longest Sunday night lights out (34 minutes) due to a power outage. All week long Joe Flacco kept saying he was the best quarterback. Well, Joe, you were right.


* Tiger’s Secret

At the start of the weekend a few weeks ago it was announced that Tiger Woods had a new girlfriend. That same weekend Woods went on to easily win the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines in San Diego. So there you have it. All Tiger needed was a new romance to sharpen up his golf game.


* Kids and Colors

Baby girls are in abundance in Newport Beach. Almost all love to wear clothes that are pink and purple. No other color will do until they reach the age of about four or five. As you know there are color specialists who analyze adult clients so that they will wear the colors and hues most flattering to their own tones. Since little girl’s fashion has become so important (and revenue producing) how long will it be before there are specialized children clothes “color” coordinators and consultants?


* A Young Deep Thought

My granddaughter was having an afternoon snack with her mother. “You know what is great about pomegranates?” asked Brooke. “No,” said mom. “You have to dig really deep,” Brooke replied. It seems she has some concept of the meaning of life.


 Michael Arnold Glueck, M.D., Newport Beach resident and ornery curmudgeon, writes “Deep Thoughts” for the Newport Beach Independent.


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