SPIN Nets $167K With Gala

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Mario and Grace Greiderer.
Peggy and Frank Listi.
Dave and Cheri Ekedal.

Some 250 guests dressed in tasteful black and white cocktail attire came together for the 22nd annual Serving People In Need (SPIN) dinner and fundraiser.

An impressive $161,607 net was raised, with 87% of SPIN’s charitable contributions going directly to help those who need it most.

Notable guests supporting the cause included SPIN board chair Mary Lou Shattuck and her husband Wayne Shattuck, Frank and Peggy Listi, Dick and Kim Crawford, Al De Grassi, Max and Arlen Gardner, Mario and Grace Greiderer and Dick and Karen Nichol.  Also front and center for SPIN were Tom and Lara Giddings, Baraa Sarakby, Tom and Lori Cavallo, Joyce Takeda and Mark Wakefield, Maureen Flanagan, Sean Pate, Scott Lieberman, Charlie Granville and Lynn Freer.

In a heartfelt address, SPIN Executive Director Jean Wegener shared her near two decades of working with SPIN clients.  Wegener became specific and told the story of “Mike,” an O.C. man who had lost his job, his home, his family and his self-respect directly due to his abuse of alcohol and drugs.

Then, “Mike” was introduced.  The man, who had hit bottom 18 years prior, came up on the dais to address the crowd.

“With the help of SPIN my life was saved.  They got me off the street, into a long-term rehab program, and eventually back in the work force, clean and sober.  Today I run a painting business, I have my family back and I’ve put my children through college.”

Wegener proudly commented, “SPIN’s programs work, and they work long-term.  We can and we do change lives.  We make a real difference.”

To learn more about SPIN, visit www.spinOC.org or call 714-751-1101.


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