Sweet Sorrow

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To my loyal readers, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that this is the last week Mom’s Voice will appear in the Newport Beach Indy. My column is moving to its new digs over at the Orange County Register’s weekly, The Current, which will be celebrating is re-launch next Friday. And you’ll be able to find my column online at the Register website.

It is with immense gratitude for my readers, fellow columnists, and my editor, Roger Bloom, that I exit stage left.  Writing for the NB Indy has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, mainly because I had the opportunity to do what I love alongside not only the finest writers, but some of the finest human beings I have had the pleasure of knowing.

The support from my readers has meant the world to me. I’ve enjoyed every comment, e-mail, and letter from moms, grandmothers, single people, husbands and fathers. Knowing that something I have written may resonate with someone has been both rewarding and humbling. I even received a candy bar in the mail from a reader after I pondered, “Whatever happened to the Abba Zabba?” at Halloween.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.  But this parting is made even sweeter with Sugar. Sugar Mama, that is. Sugar Mama will be taking over from here, beginning next week and I feel the readers of the Indy couldn’t be luckier.  She is the mother of two boys, a nationally award-winning columnist, celebrity ghost writer and humorist.

She was blogging before any of us had heard the word “blog”.  But she says her biggest claim to fame is “beating out David Sedaris on Amazon’s Best Seller List – albeit for one day – for an essay about meatloaf.”

Many of you already know her from “Ask Sugar Mama” on OCinSite, and in OC Parenting. You may have seen her work in the Laguna Beach Independent or, on occasion, right here in the Indy.

If you have never read “Ask Sugar Mama,” stop reading this column, go directly to www.ocinsite.com/index.php/users/52, and enjoy! Her hilarious and candid advice given in response to reader’s questions will make you laugh.  Guaranteed.

Sugar Mama has big cajones.  There is nothing that makes her blush or feel the need to apologize.  Yet she has a certain charm that is rare, and a huge heart, too. Add that to her dry humor and gift of writing and – voila! – magic.  She is truly a master of her craft.

Saying good-bye is never easy for a mom.  But it makes it less difficult knowing Sugar Mama’s got it all under control.

You can contact Jill Fales at [email protected] or on her website www.Jillfales.com.

Editor’s Note: Best of luck, Jill. We’ll miss you!

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