USC Brings Home Holiday Bowl Trophy

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If you heard loud cheers emanating from Newport Beach homes (particularly on Balboa Island where USC flags proudly wave) on Saturday, Dec. 27, it was USC alumni rooting for their alma mater to bring home the Holiday Bowl trophy.

The game against Nebraska was exciting, and close. The final score was 45-42 in favor of USC.

After the wine, Coach Sarkisian said “I’m happy for our team. You know, we’ve been through a lot this year, and we’ve had a couple just excruciating losses, and to come out tonight and win at the very end, the way we always try to make it exciting!  We make it entertaining for everybody!  I’m happy for these guys. I’m really happy for them because they work every day, every time we go on the field they go to work. That, to me, is a really cool sign of the character on this team of where we’re headed, and what we’re doing. We have people in our organization that work. As hard as it can get and as tough as it gets, we’re at our best, and that, to me, is just awesome.”

Indy photographer Jim Collins attended the game and captured all the action..

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