Vindictive Government

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Last week on the first day of the government shutdown, a group of World War II veterans that were part of the “Honor Flight” Network showed up at the WWII memorial on the mall. This is a nonprofit group that assists veterans in visiting Washington DC to visit the war memorials at no charge to the veterans as a way of saying thanks for their service.

This group of WWII vets came to the WWII Memorial and found it barricaded, by the park police. If you go to the park service website you would have found that the WWII memorial is open 24/7 and that interpretive rangers staff the park during certain hours, but now the website is shut down.

But rather than simply not staff the interpretive programs, they actually barricaded the memorial. The media reports that there were seven park police there.

So it actually took more manpower to shut it down than it did to staff the interpretive programs. They had to truck barricades in to surround the site. Thankfully the vets, many in their wheel chairs and using canes, many of whom had stormed Omaha beach, were not deterred and went through the barricades. This is Vindictive Obama Government.

What Does an “Essential” Government Employee Look Like?

Kind of sounds like the joke that Reagan used to tell of the 11 most feared words: “I am from the Government and I am here to help”.

So what exactly is “essential”?

The Amber Alert web site was shut down, but Michelle Obama’s weight loss website called is still up and running. Thankfully, because of public pressure, the Amber Alert site was restored this week.

The WWII Memorial has been shut down again as well as the Vietnam Memorial and the Korean War Memorial, but the federal golf courses that Obama plays on are still open for business.

The National Mall is shut down, but it opened for the Pro-Amnesty group, “Camino Americano,” demonstration this week. So our veterans can’t visit the National Mall but immigration reform protestors can protest on the Mall?

Did you know that the White House Tours have been shut down since Sequestration passed January 1 of this year.

Government Shutdown Survival Kit

I just got my kit from, signed by Obama himself. I opened it up and I found everything I needed to survive the Government shutdown.

I got my Obamaphone to sign up for Obamacare on the Obamacare web site. When I tried to log in, I got redirected to the Democrat Party voter registration page while I was waiting for the logjam at the Obamacare website (they tell me that I would not lose my place in line). While there I was able to order lots of great stuff.

I got my “Obama Hope and Change” Bumper Sticker, which is good since mine was from 2008 and was pretty faded in the Southern California sunlight, a “Bush’s Fault” yard sign, which goes great next to my “Blame Boehner” Poster and “Tax the Rich” banner. Since I ordered so much stuff they sent me a free “Sequester – End of the world” T-shirt (they had lots of extras from last year).

I want to say that the NSA is working great, because while waiting for the Obamacare website, I got hungry and without even saying so or clicking anything, I was redirected to the Obama Food Stamp site called SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), where I learned how to buy cigarettes and alcohol, which I could never have afforded without Obama Food Stamps.

When I finally got into the Obamacare website, I found that my insurance plan had been discontinued. But I could sign up for a different policy that costs twice as much, but they made up for it by raising my deductible from $4,000 to $12,000 with no maximum out of pocket expenses, and a different doctor’s group. So I didn’t get to keep my plan or my doctor, even though I wanted to.

Scott Peotter is an Architect and former Planning Commissioner in Newport Beach.  Scott can be reached at [email protected].

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  1. Governments everywhere are out of control. Seems to me that authority has gone to all their heads, starting at the very top. I couldn’t care less what “race” our president is but I demand the head of our nation be legitimate, truthful and absolutely MUST have America’s best interests at heart. That is not the case today, and we have “elected” a muslim to head up what is supposed to be a CHRISTIAN country as it was established. There is NO separation of church and state, contrary to what today’s politicians and Godless people see it. What Thomas Jefferson meant in that now notorious letter is NOT what unbelievers choose to ascribe to.

    The reason for my use of the plural “Governments” is not intended to cite foreign governments. I mean national, state, county, city and other regulators that even include housing associations. The people have created, and in fact own, all these ‘management’ groups’ authorities are granted by the people they’re supposed to serve; but many of them have forgotten what it’s all about.

    Our apple is rotten, but it didn’t start overnight when obama took his first oath of office. Governments have been deteriorating for decades, and one example of that is the immigration problem we own today because scores of administrations have chosen not to address and solve the problem. And now we’ve gone overboard by canceling the wonderful process that began at Ellis Island. We have Mexicans, Muslims and others streaming through our extremely porous borders. Our Border Patrol has become a political pawn; and our political parties are at war…with each other. How can this be?

    Having a lying, unamerican president and an admitted, even avowed muslim who doesn’t even pledge allegiance to our country! What is wrong with us to have elected such a man who lies to us and breaks all our rules. And even more importantly, why does he remain the occupant of our White House? And why are we allowing our government to suppress Christianity our country is based upon while coddling muslims and now permeate about every level of our country? One is even a Senator. This must not stand. My friends, Islam is NOT a religion, it is an ARMY who is grouping in mosques we’ve allowed on our soil but should have never allowed. Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is an avowed muslim supporter. How can he possibly be allowed to occupy this office? Have any of you read their koran? Why are we not only tolerating, but even encouraging muslim based belief even in our schools. Are we unaware of what they’re doing in other countries I used to fear because muslims were being allowed to enter and live in them. Now we have a president shipping them in. Playing down muslim attacks in this country is not tolerable and comprise terrorism, not “workplace violence.” Where will it end? Guess what…WE DECIDE, one way or the other. Our country will stand or fall on that decision if the Russians and Chinese done exact their plans for us before that. Sounds pretty bad, except for one thing only; God gave us an exit strategy called salvation.

    We’re in a lot of trouble, folks. Russians and our Chinese benefactors are racing to build up their aggressive forces as our current “president” dismantles ours first by pulling our strategic missiles out of Poland, taking down our military might by every means at his disposal including sexual preferences. He is intentionally putting us at a severe disadvantage and working to reestablish us as a third world country. This cannot stand and this man, with all his anti-american staff and appointees including Supreme Court appointees must not remain in office. In fact, each and every document, decision, appointment and other actions of this “president” must be reversed.

    Grey Lady Down

  2. Scott – You’re such as silly person. What did you expect to find on King B. Hussein Obama’s website? Ways to fix bloated U.S. government? Any dictator will tell you that to get your agenda across, make it difficult on the serfs, as he is doing.

    Let the country fall off the debt ceiling fiscal cliff. Will the world stop rotating? If so those that like the current “hope and change” may get off and start their own planet Hollyweird.

    I’m so disgusted with our “elected officials” and the business as usual Beltway politics. All need to go! Clean slate time, a new beginning, let’s get a Mulligan.

    Funny how so many non-essential workers there are in the government. Let’s get rid of them all. No one is held accountable anymore. Our government has run amuck. Lord help us all.

  3. Excellent comments in response to an excellent article.
    Obama has been so utterly divisive, corrupt, and dishonest that I no longer wish even to have a conversation with anyone who worships him. What has our country come to.

    I understand he spent $640,000,000 tax dollars on his Obamacare website, which is only another propaganda tool.
    Hundreds of millions more to liberal mouthpiece, National Public Radio, and yet more to the abortion mill, Planned Parenthood.

    Our once great nation was founded by patriots who objected in the strongest way possible to the miniscule tax of 3 pence on a case of tea, as stated by James Madison. Look at us now. A nation of slackers, most all of them Democrats.