Glueck Sports Shtick

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*Tale of Two Cities

In the end it was the trades that made the difference. The Los Angeles Dodgers traded average players for good and excellent players and the Anaheim Angels traded good and excellent players for average and injured players.

* Rookies Save the Day

The Angel youth and rookies offered some hope for the future. When Manager Mike started to play the youth on August 23the team had the best record in baseball for the next month and one of the best records in the majors until the end of the season. My suggestion is to start the young team in Spring Training and make the veterans earn their way back into the lineup.

* Where have all the former Angels Gone?

Have you noticed the number of former Angels who are now on teams in the post-season? It seems that once they leave the Angels they suddenly remember how to hit and throw the ball.

* The Miracle Pill

A significant number of TV commercials on the current Football and Baseball games are for Viagra. It is amazing that one little blue pill can provide fulfillment of two of man’s basic needs.

* Too Warm or Too Cold?

The National Hockey League recently announced that there would be an outdoor hockey game played at Dodger Stadium in January 2014. Upon hearing this, The Anaheim Ducks retorted that they would play a baseball game in Alaska in February 2014. The game will be played using MLB sanctioned sized snowballs.

* Great Heights

During our recent episodes of violence a number of victims have purposely put themselves in the line of police fire. This is known as “suicide by cop.” Incidentally, you’ve probably noticed the large sized high heels on some women’s shoes today. It was recently reported that a fashionable women from Newport Beach jumped off her high heels and killed herself. This is known as “suicide by shoe.”


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