Visit Newport Beach Launches New Summer Campaign Inspiring Travelers to ‘Experience More’

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A family having fun in Newport Beach as part of the “Experience More” campaign.

The folks at Visit Newport Beach have a knack for crafting creative tourism campaigns that lure visitors with the promise of an aspirational lifestyle that only Newport Beach can provide.

Visit Newport Beach has done it again with its new summer campaign called “Experience More,” which invites travelers seeking an exceptional escape to come to Newport Beach.

According to information from Visit Newport Beach, the marketing campaign promises to exceed expectations by offering “a wealth of unparalleled adventures for an extraordinary summer vacation.”

The concept is simple: Newport Beach has more luxury, more indulgence and more opportunities for an elevated and unforgettable summer.

From our beaches to upscale resorts, world-class dining to name-brand shopping, exciting water activities and endless family fun, the campaign showcases the diverse range of options tailored to all types of travelers.

According to Visit Newport Beach, the “Experience More” campaign captures the essence of Newport Beach’s promise to provide abundant and memorable summer experiences. The creative direction of the campaign showcases four unique groups of travelers tailored to different target segments, each highlighting a distinct “More” statement.

Surfer girls looking for a girl’s getaway will be inspired by More Sunshine, More Freedom and More Saltwater.

Wellness Seekers are encouraged to embrace More Me Time, More Pool Days and More Retreats, promoting rejuvenation and self-care.

Families are invited to enjoy More Memories, More Fun and More Togetherness, highlighting quality time together.

A couple enjoying Newport Harbor as part of the “Experience More” campaign.

The campaign entices couples with a dock and dine experience for More Sunsets, More Magic and More Boat Days unique to Newport Beach.

“The ‘Experience More’ summer campaign embodies our commitment to providing all types of travelers with an extraordinary and curated getaway,” says Gary Sherwin, President & CEO of Visit Newport Beach. “Newport Beach is not just an ordinary destination; it’s a place where visitors can immerse themselves in a world of luxury, indulgence and remarkable experiences. We invite our guests to embrace the allure of ‘more’ and create unforgettable memories as they elevate their summer in Newport Beach.”

Demographically, the campaign targets affluent travelers aged 25-65+ with a passion for culinary experiences, shopping, wellness, outdoor adventures and luxury.

The focus will be on family-oriented experiences in the first part of the summer, followed by couples without children and empty nesters in the latter half.

To reach key markets in Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Dallas, Arizona, Salt Lake City, the Bay Area and as well as target audiences nationally, Visit Newport Beach has strategically partnered with leading digital advertisers to showcase the ‘Experience More’ campaign.

Advertising partnerships include KTLA, Sunset Magazine, ABC Arizona, TripAdvisor, Modern Luxury, LOCALE, CBS Dallas, Dear Media, and paid social media campaigns on Meta, YouTube and the Google Network. Additional social media promotion on Visit Newport Beach’s Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts will further showcase how to experience more!

There is also a dedicated “Experience More” landing page where visitors can discover the “more” that awaits in Newport Beach. The digital resource will showcase the city’s seasonal hotel offerings, weekend itineraries, summer dining menus and much more. Itinerary highlights include renting an electric boat to dock and dine, unique wellness experiences and curated culinary offerings.

The “Experience More” campaign began on June 20 and will run all summer. For more information about the “Experience More” summer campaign, please visit:

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