Watch That First Step …

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The Junior Lifeguards’ pier jump, a rite of passage in Newport for decades, was last week. One by one, youngsters (carefully supervised – don’t try this at home!) swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and stepped off into the thin air to splash down a couple of very long seconds later. Returning to shore, they knew they had conquered their fear to accomplish a goal.

Several parents were on hand, with their cameras, so here is an album of some of their photos.

Katie Rodewald takes the plunge. Photo by Tricia Rodewald


Jack Rettig doesn't look down. Photo by Sandy Rettig
Race Mooers flies through the air. Photo by Gail Mooers
Leah Padden heads for the water. Photo by Gail Mooers
Sophie Wallace steps off. Photo by Stephanie Wallace
Ben Zehnder watches the water come up fast. Photo by Gail Mooers
Will Campbell is out for a stroll. Not. Photo by Gail Mooers
The End. Photo by Tricia Rodewald
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