A Weed That Fits Life to a Tea

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It happened to have been a very trying and tiring day. And my remedy to every trying and tiring day is to get out and breathe some fresh air.

So here I was, walking to relax, yet all my attention was focused inward, wondering and attempting to fit more pieces of the puzzle that relates to this madcap world. A world crazy and filled with sequences that just don’t make any sense – why children must suffer in disease or that animal abuse even exists.

Then on went my mind into more personal matters whirling and zooming in its never ending click, click, click, rattling off lists of things to do that I haven’t done that I should be doing. All the while summarizing the coming events reluctantly to be played out in frenzied rushes to get from point A to B while trying to figure out how in the world to get to C, let alone make time for destination D.

Then suddenly I stopped and happened to look down and the world simply slipped into a graceful silence. My favorite little weed, the stinging nettle, stood quietly growing out of a crack in the sidewalk next to a field left for wild. This little herb regulated to a weed, pulled me out of my internal angst and grounded me into reality.

It sounds quite ridiculous, but looking at a plant standing so innocently in my track restored my energy, woke me out of my mental madness and brought me back into life.

This much overlooked “weed” stores abundant health-giving properties in its roots, leaves and seeds. It’s what I term a rehabilitating plant, and when dried and infused in boiling water, the healing assets within are released and a wonderful tea is ready to drink.

Its 16 types of amino acids make it high in protein while fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and beta-carotene all combine to enrich this herb. As I look at its deep green leaves, I know better than to touch, because the little barbs on its leaves make for little stings, protecting the green wealth it carries from roving pests.

I watched a tiny ant zag-zig its way around the stem, then zig-zag back the other way, doing its curious dance of indecision, and I found my mind had cleared and was able to tack down some of my buzzing questions into answers.

It occurred to me that the little plant was also a spontaneous gift because it reminded me to bring my nettle tea ritual back into my mornings. The sweet green taste has never failed to bring me lasting energy throughout the day from just one cup.

It also reminded me that health is everywhere when we keep our eyes open to its subtle prominence in our daily life.

Whether it is in weeds such as our nettles, dandelions and clovers (and yes, they too are chock full of life-giving nutrients) growing anonymously in fields. Or in the incredible healing qualities found in the ubiquitous lavender and calendula flowers growing around town. Health is all around us.

It’s too bad we as human beings have wandered so far away from nature with most of our calls for answers to questions regarding good health growing right under our feet. Our gift for handing down knowledge from generation to generation needs to be regenerated and shaken back into existence so we can ensure a resurgence of keeping our bodies strong with earth’s incredible bounty.

So with a nod to my leafy gift, I continued on with a revived spirit and an uncluttered mind. And though the world spun its usual animated chaos around me, I made my way through the concrete jungle with my mental lists all in order and a wonderful cup of nettle tea waiting on the brim of tomorrow’s day.

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