Weekend Update on Beach and Park Access in Newport Beach

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Beach near Newport Pier / photo by Chris Trela

The City of Newport Beach has announced that it will continue to provide the current level of public access to beaches and parks this weekend (April 24-26), with a visible presence from police officers, lifeguards and park patrol staff to maintain social distancing.

With an expected increase in temperatures, the City anticipates greater numbers of visitors to the beaches and parks. It is imperative that beachgoers and park patrons continue to practice safe social distancing as required by the state and county.

Access to the Newport Pier is temporarily blocked / photo by Chris Trela

Beach parking lots will remain closed, as well as the piers, the Oceanfront Boardwalk, the Balboa Island Bayfront Walkway, and the Wedge beach area. Outdoor recreation facilities will also remain closed, including tennis, basketball and pickleball courts, playground equipment, and soccer and baseball fields.

Bike path along Newport Beach will remain closed this weekend / photo by Chris Trela

Under Gov. Gavin Newsom’s “stay at home” directive, residents are to stay at home except for work at essential businesses, short trips to essential businesses such as the grocery store or pharmacy, and exercising within their neighborhood or close to home under social distancing guidelines.

If beach and park visitors continue to comply with the directive, Newport Beach can maintain access for those seeking exercise and fresh air.

Police officers, lifeguards and park patrol staff will be monitoring the beaches and parks for group gatherings and any other behaviors that defy the state order.

Balboa Island walkway is closed and access to the island is limited / photo by Chris Trela

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