Biz Buzz: Worldwide Golf & Travel Scores Hole in One

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Bobbi Felsot and Gregory James, Co-Owners of Worldwide Golf & Travel, Inc.
Bobbi Felsot and Gregory James, Co-Owners of Worldwide Golf & Travel, Inc.

There is much to be said for consistency, stability and creating a unique market. Worldwide Golf & Travel has been successful in all three. In fact, Worldwide just finished the most successful year in its 20+ year history.

Since 1994, Worldwide has been booking golf-focused travel arrangements for those coming into Newport Beach and those that go elsewhere.

Bobbi Felsot, one of the current owners (along with Gregory James), said, “About 50 percent of our travel business involves golf in some way, and about half of that is specifically focused on the sport.”

The company was started by Joan Short, an avid golfer and longtime member of Big Canyon Country Club. She opened the office primarily to escort golf professionals and amateurs to golf events and coveted golf courses around the world. Over the years she developed a great reputation and professional relationships. For example, she made all the arrangements for the King Hassan Golf Tournament in Morocco for more than three decades, and became personal friends with the King and his children.

Joan Short passed away in July of 2014 after a long and amazing life.

The lagging economy post-2008 hit many businesses dramatically; the travel industry was damaged more than others. Business travel was curtailed and the increasing ease of internet- bookings caused many agencies to close. But Worldwide’s clients are not the casual Priceline or Expedia customers.

What makes them different? Per Bobbi: “We make golf and travel a priority. Many of our clients used to book their trips on their own, but they appreciate our personal service. We are booking now through 2018 and most of our travel tours last longer than one to two weeks.”

Though travel has become easier in some ways, it has also become complex and the services of a professional for a longer vacation can make the difference between a fun experience and a bad one.

Worldwide Golf & Travel has been at the same Avocado Street location for more than 20 years. Bobbi and Gregory started the company with Joan over two decades ago and always make a point to evolve with the times and appeal to a broader audience.

“It’s time to work with a market place that appreciates old-fashioned service, yet may not be part of our normal golf crowd,” Joan shared. “You can take a dream vacation anywhere in the world, and for some this may be a once in a lifetime trip. Our job is to make it all it can be.”

Worldwide Travel is part of the Signature Travel Network, which is a large and respected Travel Consortium.

I asked Bobbi where most of their business comes from. The answer was “referrals. We actually pre-screen all our referrals to be sure that we are the right fit for them.”

Worldwide Golf & Travel is located 1303 Avocado Ave. Suite 100, and can be reached at (949) 644-8490 or


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