1st Battalion, 1st Marines Beach Challenge

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Marines wait for racers at the tire flip section at the Newport Beach 1st Battalion, 1st Marines Foundation's 2nd Annual Beach Challenge at the Balboa Pier on Saturday. The rain didn't stop more than 100 people showing up to challenge the marines to a boot camp-like obstacle course. — Photos by Sara Hall


Racers keep low during the “Iwo Jima Mile” Low Crawl with flak challenge.


Racers go through the “Corpsman Up” Litter Drag challenge as a marine yells "encouragment" for them to move faster.


A racer “maneuvers through the Tire Run nearing the end of the course. Marines yell from the sidelines.


Civilians pose for photos on top of a Light Armored Vehicle with Marines during the event.


A child poses for photos in military garb in front of a Humvee with one of the marines.


A challenge participant goes through the “Minefield Maneuver” Tire Run as marines encourage her from the sidelines.


A member of the 1st Battalion, 1st Marines watches as racers go through the “Boot Camp Back Crawl” with flak.
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