Bluewater Grill Serves Swordfish

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One of the most-ordered dishes on the menu at Bluewater restaurants is swordfish, or to be more specific, blackened swordfish. Swordfish is the star of the show this month for the restaurant’s monthly seafood salute.

Bluewater’s chipotle blackened swordfish with roasted corn and avocado relish, featuring harpooned swordfish caught in local waters by the restaurants’ own private fishing boat, Pilikia, is the focus of the Swordfish Salute celebration at all Bluewater Grill restaurants, including the flagship Newport Beach location, starting Aug. 13.

According to Bluewater Executive Chef Jason Mazur, the restaurant’s chipotle blackened swordfish was introduced in 2015 and quickly turned into one of the most popular items on the menu. Fresh sustainable swordfish harvested locally by Bluewater’s own fishing boat is chipotle-blackened and served with chipotle dirty rice, sweet corn and avocado relish.

“Very rarely as a chef, you strike lightening in a bottle with something that everyone absolutely loves,” said Mazur. “The dish’s popularity has allowed us to spotlight harpooning as the most humane and sustainable method of harvest that supports Bluewater’s long-time commitment to sustainable seafood.”

The special Aug. 13 meal pairs the chipotle blackened swordfish with hand-selected white wines for $40, a $20 savings off the regular price.

Can’t make it on Aug. 13? You can still order the swordfish and pair it with wines on the restaurant’s wine list for the per-pour cost.

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