Clothing for a Cause

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Some of the Sevenly shirts designed for Knots of Love

An Orange County business has found that fashion can also be used to support a worthy cause.

Costa Mesa-based Sevenly chooses a different charitable organization each week, designs t-shirts and sweatshirts for them, and then donates a portion of the sales to the cause.

Local non-profit Knots of Love, a charity that warms the hearts and heads of cancer patients through hand knitted and crocheted caps, has been chosen for the week of Dec. 3-10.

“It’s wonderful that Knots of Love has been selected,” said Knots of Love founder, Christine Fabiani. “The purchase of a Sevenly t-shirt provides one hand-knit cap to a child undergoing treatment for cancer.”

Sevenly, founded in 2011, designs shirts inspired by the organization and their cause. The company then donates $7 to the charity for every purchase during the seven days it‘s featured. This week’s donation for Knots of Love will be doubled because “I CAN HELP THE WORLD,” an online game that encourages kids to give back, has agreed to match the amount raised.

There are several t-shirt designs for both men and women to choose from in Sevenly’s Knots of Love line. They include the text, “Together We’re Stronger” and one features a colorful heart made out of yarn. They can be bought on the company’s website,

The purchase of a Sevenly Knots of Love t-shirt will help warm the heads of children undergoing chemotherapy, Fabiani said.

Over 12,000 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer this year, according to a statement on the Knots of Love Sevently campaign webpage.

“The shocking news of their diagnosis is just the beginning of the long road ahead of them,” the statement reads. “Many children will face months of painful cancer treatment, which leaves them physically ill and causes them to lose their hair.”

Knots of Love brings comfort, warmth and dignity to a child with their hand knitted and crocheted caps, Fabiani said.

“Above all, [a Sevenly t-shirt purchase] will deliver a smile to the face of a brave child,” the Knots of Love campaign statement continues.

Knots of Love donates over 3,000 caps per month to more than 405 cancer treatment centers, infusion centers, hospitals and oncology offices across the nation. Knots of Love has donated over 137,000 caps since its inception in 2007.

The Sevenly campaign aims to increase awareness, funds and a following for the organization.

Sevenly is “an organic funding movement to raise capital and awareness for the world’s greatest causes,” according to their website. Their “ultimate goal is to help people, fund worthy causes, and offer the magic kick some charities need to keep changing the world.”

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